The portable Viso LightSpion® enables you to fully measure any light source within 30 seconds. It measures all the photometric data, while no expert knowledge is required. The LightSpion can even be used outside of a laboratory or dark room. Making it a great tool for on-site inspections and empowering your sales force.


The systems consists of a pre-calibrated spectrometer operating in the visible light range 360-830 nm, and a goniometer. Having measured the full spectrum from a light source and collected a full 360° photometric field distribution, the device then calculates integrated CRI, colour temperature and a complete luminous flux in lumen. A built-in high-speed 70 K/sec power analyser measures voltage and current, it instantaneously presents precise information about power consumption, hence calculates the light efficiency in lumen/watt.
The LightSpionTM suitcase is easily connected to your computer via USB. The device comes with the Viso Light Inspector software that is available for downloading from our website. The user interface displays the measured data in a clear and simple way, and also allows a possibility of a more detailed investigation of the obtained data.
light-measurement-software Viso Light Inspector Pdf

The LightSpionTM supports the new EU regulations (EU No 1194/2012), which require directional lamps to be measured in a 90° or a 120° cone. A mere selection of the measurement cone of either 90° or 120° sets the automatic calculation.You are able to insert your own logo into the data files. The measurements are exported to a variety of data formats for the convenience of lighting technicians and designers: IES, LDT, PDF, PNG or CVS.You can use your webcam to take pictures of the measured sources or you can insert existing images of the lamps into the data files, which saves a lot of time when searching for a particular measurement. Additionally you are able to email the measured data files – a truly useful software feature, which releases any hassle from handling data storage. Measuring light with the LightSpionTM is probably the lightest way to measure!The technology implemented in the LightSpion allows for high accuracy measurements of luminous flux in lumen. Learn more about the accuracy of the flux measurements here.

A New feature! It has become possible to measure the linear light sources like LED tubes and strips. The procedure is simple: place the linear light source on the goniometer, insert the length of the source into an appropriate software window and begin your data acquisition. Find more information about the exact setup in the user manual, page 13.