Light measurement and Lighting Control Products

Viso Systems was founded in 2005. Over the past decade it has been growing and developing into what is now a middle-sized prosperous company incorporating some of the most skilful and experienced professionals within the lighting industry.
Here at Viso we design, develop and manufacture OEM- and customer-specific solutions, we supply the lighting market with innovative control and measurement technology of high quality and precision. We simplify the complexity of measurements and control systems and deliver easy and intuitive user interfaces. Thereby the implementation of our unique technology in our products, for example, a fully automated real-time colour correction, puts us on the forefront of smart fully integrated control and measurement solutions.
At Viso our mission is to support the luminaire manufacturers with powerful and yet easy to use control and measurements solutions; to expand the marketplace for white and colour-changing luminaire manufacturers; to increase the installation and market potential for such lighting devices.


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